A judge implicates President Mose’s widow in the assassination


Dramatic twist around the major assassination of this century in the Americas. The judge investigating the assassination of the Haitian president Young Moses He accused his widow, Martina MosesFrom complicity and criminal association in the case below to clarify what happened in July 2021, when a command of Colombian mercenaries attacked the president’s residence, tortured him and I shot him 12 bullets.

Martine was seriously injured during the attack and even revealed how the killers left her for dead when she was covered in blood. «Her statements are like this full of contradictions “This discredits her and leaves much to be desired,” said Judge Walther Voltaire, who late last year another judge had ordered the widow’s arrest.

As soon as the assassination occurred, Martine found a cure and refuge in the United States. Since then she has kept a low profile, always protected from the threats looming over her. Such a macabre accusation places her once again at the epicenter of national disorder.

«(When justice is called for) the hearts of all murderers leap, especially those in power,» Martine defended himself in his first statements.

Together with the president’s widow they were two of his trusted men were accusedparticularly Claudius Joseph, prime minister at the time and main political enemy of the current president, Ariel Henry, who categorically refuses to hold elections, despite the country no longer having any directly elected ruler.

Joseph faces the same charges as the widow of his former political boss. Among the fifty defendants he also stands out Leo CarloHe former police chief, ambassador today to the Organization of American States (OAS). The latter is directly indicted for murder and criminal conspiracy.

The former prime minister, who has fomented anti-government protests in recent months, is challenging Henry for power in 2021 as the head of the sector closest to Jovenel Mose. Henry, Home Secretary at the time, enjoyed an advantage in the international community because the assassinated president had chosen him as prime minister just hours before his assassination.

“Henry is trying to transform the justice system into an instrument of repression, overturning the accusation and applying it to those who were close to Jovenel,” Claude Joseph defended himself.

«Without entering into a debate on the suitability of the judge and the certainty of his accusations, the problem is that the institutional fragility is so serious that, even if the versions presented were true, Haiti is unable to conduct a reliable trial. This circumstance will push for greater regional intervention, at a time of intense migration crisis of which Haitians are an important part,» María Puerta Riera, a professor of American government in Florida, asked EL MUNDO.

Inside another process which takes place in UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, it’s already there several sentenced to life imprisonment, not included in Haiti’s parallel process. The main accused is the evangelical pastor Haitian-American Cristiano Emmanuel Sanonconsidered the intellectual author of the assassination and the coup that followed the crime. Driven by his political aspirations, he launched the conspiracy by hiring the Colombians. According to the ruling, former councilor Joseph Flix Badio collaborated closely with Sanon.

The opposition senator John Joel JosephAlso sentenced to life, was extradited from Haiti to stand trial in Florida. He is accused of materially supporting the conspirators in a plan that «went out of control.»

The others convicted are the leader of the Colombian mercenaries, the retired soldier Germán Alejandro Rivera and the Haitian-Chilean businessman Rodolphe Jara. The same fate befell former DEA (US Drug Enforcement Agency) informant Joseph Vincent, who posed as a Washington official to gain support for the plot.

Mose’s assassination has increased anarchy in the neighborhoods of the Caribbean country, forcibly taken over by ferocious local gangster gangs, who on Monday alone caused the death of ten people in the attack on a minibus of the «400 Mwozo» gang.

THE gang wars they shot the humanitarian crisiswhich adds one catastrophe after another: after the great earthquake of 2010, which caused the death of 300,000 people and a large part of the capital, also added hunger, extreme poverty, cholera, financial crisis and drought. The perfect earthquake.

The glorious independence of Haiti, the second on the continent to launch the first black republic, was only a mirage: Dessalines decided to become emperor to imitate Napoleon. As the decades passed, the worst ones also came, such as the Duvalier saga, Papa Doc and Baby Doc.

The curse has followed the Caribbean country ever since In the failed state it is in today«one of the most complex emergencies plaguing the Western Hemisphere», as summarized by the International Crisis Group.