An 11-year-old boy is sexually assaulted in Portugal by several schoolmates and in the presence of school workers


An 11 year old boy was sexually assaulted with a broom by several classmates in a school in Vimioso, in the north-east of PortugalThe police and municipal sources confirmed this to EFE.

The Parish Council – municipal body – of Vimioso reported, in a statement sent to Efe, that the attack occurred last Friday, January 19, when a student from the local school group He was «sodomized by several companions».

The attack apparently occurred in the presence of the centre’s operators, «who did nothing», according to the council.

A source of Republican National Guard (GNR) He explained to Efe that they are investigating whether a worker was actually present at the time of the attack, something the police force learned three days later, through the health center where the child had gone.

The GNR he did not confirm the number of attackers But it was announced that several have already been identified and the case is under investigation.

According to local media, The acts were committed by eight studentsbetween 13 and 16 years old.

The case was referred to the Judicial Police, responsible for investigating this type of crime, and to the Judicial Authority.

The Parish Council also denounced that in the same school there are «constant attacks by some students» and that another student was «forced» by several classmates into «intimate contact».

«There is a climate of terror, since the school does not offer safe conditions and renounces its duty to guarantee them», denounced the municipal body, which specified that there are children who refuse to go to school out of fear.