The French left announces an agreement to unite in a popular front during the legislative elections


After three days of debate, the French left announced that it had reached an agreement to present joint candidates address the legislative that are celebrated June 30th and the July 7summoned in advance by Emmanuel Macron, after Sunday’s electoral failure in the European elections, in which he overwhelmed Marine Le Pen’s far right.

To try to stop him and prevent him from winning the elections, as the polls predict, and taking over the government, the left has decided to unite despite their differences.

The agreement has been signed Rebel Francea far-left party led by Jean Luc Melenchon, the Socialist PartyTHE environmentalists and the communists. If they win they will present a «disruptive» political program for the first 100 days of the mandate.

The socialists had reservations about the agreement, especially due to the fact that they agreed with La Francia Insumisa, with which they differ on many fundamental issuesas the war in Gaza. Melenchon and many of the group’s leaders have refused to condemn the October 7 Hamas attacks.

On Wednesday, Emmanuel Macron I held out my hand to moderate parties (socialist or environmentalist) faced with the “threat of extremes”. Here Macron was referring to Le Pen’s formation (National Rally), but also to the «insubordinates».

Even on the far right they are making alliances. Le Pen managed to attract the support of Marion Marchal, his niece and candidate in the European elections of Reconquista, Eric Zemmour’s far-right party. This will be excluded, so the party splits.

In The Republicansconservative party, the support of the president, Eric CiottiLe Pen caused a schism and Ciotti’s expulsion from the party, as the majority of leaders are against supporting the far right.