Milei’s «Fury Tweet»: alarm on the cell phone from which Argentina is governed

David Cameron was well informed, since British Embassy in Buenos Aires They had given him the precise information: Javier Milei, the new Argentine president, would hardly have resisted a stimulus on social networks. In this case, Whatsapp. Rishi Sunak’s Foreign Minister then sprung into action, inviting the president to a meeting that was supposed to be for foreign ministers only and complicating Argentina’s foreign policy on a key issue, the claim of sovereignty of the Malvinas Islands.

It happened in Davos, but in reality it happens all the time. Milei’s passion for social networks is driving everyone and everyone crazy.

The Argentine press counted Milei’s activity X during Saturday and Sunday of the last weekend from United States of America: eight hours and 19 minutes, 1,491 pleases and 754 retweets, in addition to his own posts. «In a week he managed to ‘publish’ more than 3,000 posts and 97% of his interventions are retweets», he underlined. The nation. The average since he governed is yes 73 messages daily.

And it doesn’t community director: The person who runs Milei’s Twitter is Milei.

The president must stop his «tweeting rampage», a dialogue opposition MP said in the middle of the parliamentary session. Massimiliano Ferraro is as disconcerted as the rest of the political arc: the tenant of the Pink House, a building he enters only twice a week, his voice is almost not heard in the real world, he is not seen at public events. Instead, he speaks about it very forcefully on social networks, from which he continues to define the very deputies with whom he must negotiate the fundamental laws of his country as «caste», «parasites» and worse epithets. Government.

“Milei is passionate and his followers on social networks recognize it,” Lisandro Bregant, a specialist in narrative and communication, told EL MUNDO. «This is his greatest asset. And his digital behavior proves that he does not betray his followers. He somehow remains as one of them, even when he is president of the nation.»

Milei’s passion also includes calling his counterpart such as the president of Colombia, Gustavo Petro, a «murderous dictator» in a very short video ideal for viralization online or threatening parliamentarians struggling with the bus law which is in the process of approval, albeit with many changes: «It is time for the representatives of the people to decide whether they are on the side of the freedom of the Argentines or on the side of the caste or corporate privileges of the republic.»

Unlike the vast majority of political leaders or frontline public figures, Milei takes personal care of his social networks. It is he who enters Twitter give I like to a surprising number of messages, many of them extremely aggressive towards his political opponents. He writes it himself and almost always ends with the “Long live fucking freedom!” which are also inside Davoswhere I celebrated the views of his speech, superior to those of any other speaker in the history of World Economic Forum.

It’s Milei who slideread, choose, decide and upload stories to instagram. The ones he sees and the ones they send to him. Only Tick ​​tock This is a contract, in theory still in the hands of Iaki Gutirrez, the head of the social networks, only 22 years old, who lasted a month in government: he uploaded an end-of-year greeting with his girlfriend and then replicated the story on the profile of the Pink House. Too much, even for Milei, who a few days ago, in Jerusalem, took a drawing in which he appears characterized as the Terminator, while dedicating a «remark» to trade unionists, governors and deputies.

«Cast in sight, darling», the poster concludes with an unmistakable message: Milei wants to eliminate his adversaries. Even if the truth is that he is not the Terminator.

“You have to put parental controls on cell of Javito!», the C5N information channel, close to Kirchnerism, joked a few days ago. cell It’s the cell phone, the cell phone. Fascinated by the president’s incontinence with the cellfrom C5N they mocked Milei: «You’re falling into all the impostorJavo!»

They were referring to the attack that the president launched against the governor of the province of Buenos Aires, the Peronist Axel Kicillof. In a large text, MIlei uploaded a post from the account @kicilloveok and mocked the governor, an economist like him, even if at the opposite end of his line of thought: «It seems to me that he has exaggerated his affection for the bad part of the library,» This is not part of the solution.»

The problem was that the president was writing to an account impostor, a parody account with only 5,630 followers. Milei was not deterred, he took the message sent to the fake account and sent it mentioning the correct one: «I’m sending this to you so that you are aware of it, governor.»

There are dozens and dozens of tweets, I like and daily retweets decided and executed by the man in charge of the eighth largest country in the world, of member of the G20. From a country in deep economic and social crisis. One of the latest, a post in which someone defines radicalism, a key party in Argentine history, as «the little whore of Peronism». And Milei gave it to him Pleases.

Last week, the Milei government announced the closure of the National Institute against discrimination, xenophobia and racism (Inadi), claiming that «it is useless» and is a den of Kirchnerists who pay themselves without working. Days later, at the height of the confrontation between the president and Ignacio Torres, governor of the Patagonian province of Chubut, Milei reposted a tweet in which Torres, 35, appeared as a child in the middle of a scene suggesting rape. In another tweet, Torres appears to have features of Down syndrome. Milei, who mocks the governor by calling him «Nachito» and saying that he is incapable of reading a contract, validates that image with a Pleases.

In other messages shared by Milei, the president of Brazil, Luiz Incio Lula da Silvayou don’t talk to, it appears like partner of the terrorist organization Hamas.

The president is «very respectful,» presidential spokesman Manuel Adorni said.

“I think we should ask the president to stop the tweets,” wrote journalist Silvia Mercado on the social network X.

“I think we should ask for some journalists Stop being such liars…» Milei replied. «Does the use of X violate the right to life, liberty or property? «You must be very authoritarian to ask me not to be able to express myself through my networks in front of so many lying journalists.»

Nothing stops Milei, who at 53 gives shape to a fragmented discourse, at times chaotic and profoundly informal, although coherent and persistent ideologically: on his recent flight to Israel, via Rome, the Argentine president continued with the «twitter of fury» from the business class of ITA, the Italian airline. He did the same when flying to the United States: his connection with social networks never ends. He was born there and he wants to continue living there.

The obsession with networks and, above all, the speed with which he decides and executes what to upload, what to comment, praise and criticize, leads the president to make mistakes. During the bankruptcy’s trial omnibus law, which Milesism identifies with «freedom» for Argentines, MIlei uploaded a drawing created with Artificial Intelligence on Instagram in which a gigantic lion (l) next to Congress opens a cage to «free» thousands of Argentines. The problem is that if you look carefully at the drawing, the masses do not leave the cage, but rather enter it.

The inner circle of the Argentine president, a deeply distrustful man, is extremely small. At the height of the heat wave that hit the country weeks ago, he was seen working in the Casa Rosada or Olivos presidential residence in a black leather jacket, often zipped up to the neck.

“Some theories assumed that under the coat there was a bulletproof vest,” he noted. The nationwhich assures that Milei actually works with air conditioning set to arctic levels in an office that is «a kind of fortress, with the windows closed, no sunlight.»

Milei remains largely an enigma to Argentines, even as more and more people are alarmed by his outbursts of anger. «It’s like I am game his presidency», underlines an attentive observer who prefers not to be identified. «It is as if he governs with a virtual vision helmet, like in that film, Player one ready«.